Former Student, Zeynep displays 350 pt+ increase on the SAT

According to College Board, the organization behind the SAT, students saw significant score increases with practice. “In addition to the 115-point average score increase associated with 20 hours of practice, shorter practice periods also correlate with meaningful score gains. For example, 6–8 hours of practice on Official SAT Practice is associated with an average 90-point increase.”


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Zeynep, a former student at Brainy Learning Club, saw a 350 pt+ increase on the SAT. Before coming to Brainy Learning Club, she scored 1060 on her SAT.  With just 4 hours a week for 5 weeks, Zeynep scored 1410 on her following SAT.


Zeynep is one of the many students that have displayed significant score increases with just a few hours here. Like Zeynep, we are determined to help your child achieve their academic potential.

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