Brainy’s Approach to the SAT and ACT

Your first time taking the SAT or ACT might have gone like this:

You got a good night’s sleep. You ate some cereal in the morning. You walked into the cold classroom with a number two pencil in your hand. You sat down and spent a ridiculously long time filling out your name, home address, test code, and etc. Finally, the test begins. All the pages flip in unison. You breeze through one section, get stuck on another. Overall, you thought you did pretty good. You view the score-report released a few weeks after the test. You aren’t satisfied with your score. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there, feeling that sense of disappointment. The most important thing you can do is get back up. We’ll help with the rest.

Here at Brainy Learning Club, we specialize in rapid score improvements on the ACT and SAT in a short period.

Our approach to the SAT and ACT goes a little like this:

Just like your SAT or ACT, you’re going to take an isolated official diagnostic test released by Collegeboard or ACT inc. Sorry, we’re just trying to mimic the same testing environment. Nothing personal. Afterward, we will run your test to see what you missed in what areas. We will break your test down into specific categories to see your strong and weak areas. Even if you’re strong in a particular area, you’ll still work on it. We’ll just be prioritizing the weaker areas.



From this score-report, we can identify the weak areas. We would approach this SAT score report by addressing the weakest areas first and moving on to the stronger areas. For example, one of the weak areas is “Passport to Advanced Math”. We would work in this area by practicing the types of problem and how to solve them with algebraic manipulation. We offer personalized help to guide students on how to not only tackle these problems but also understand them. It doesn’t stop there though. Understanding is not enough. We make sure that the student is able to master the topic.

With Brainy’s focus on personal interaction, individualized practice, targeted optimization, we can transform these weak areas into strong ones. In doing so, you’ll see that score improvement next time you open your score report.



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