AP Computer Science Course for Katy, TX

Brainy Learning Club’s AP Computer Science Camp brings results to students in Katy, TX.

In 2017, the AP Computer Science exam’s nationwide passing rate was 67 percent. This troubling statistic might worry some parents, but those who enroll their children in Brainy Learn Club’s AP Computer Science Camp,  which is part of our Summer Camp courses, aren’t breaking a sweat. Because AP Computer Science is often a student’s first AP course, parents certainly fear that their children will struggle with the difficult tests, quizzes and assignments. Give your child a leg-up by enrolling them in our AP Computer Science Course.

Our summer camp makes a difference with the help of responsible and successful high school seniors. They are talented individuals who are at the top of their class in their school’s AP Computer Science class. These students are hardworking and reliable, each heading towards a top university in the country. Our teachers dedicate themselves to helping your child navigate the curriculum they’ll go through at their schools. Above all, this program is specifically designed to helping your children excel in and enjoy their AP Computer Science Class.

The AP Computer Science Camp Program

Brainy Learning Club’s AP Computer Science Camp spans ten days in which your children will learn about the origins of computers and computer science, the basics of Java and object-oriented programming. Our knowledgeable teachers will go in-depth, covering the data structures that are prevalent in every computer language. Consequently, students will also be able to see real-world applications of computer science, therefore gaining an understanding of proper programming practices.

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Are you ready to give your child a leg up on their academics? Enroll them in our AP Computer Science Camp today. Call us at 832-437-4580 to learn more.

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