Comp. Sci. Camp

AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science camp

June 25 thru July 7, 2018

The 2017 AP Computer Science A Exam’s discouraging 67% nationwide passing rate was worrying to many parents. The AP Computer Science course is often a students first AP course, and parents feared that their children would struggle in it. Brainy Learning Club’s AP Computer Science summer program is taught by high achieving high school seniors who have excelled in this course and are headed to top universities around the country. It will help students avoid any difficulties learning the course during the school year. This program is a condensed, easy to learn version of AP Computer Science A, designed to prepare students for their very first AP course and to excel in it.

In just ten days, students will learn about the origins of computers and computer science, the basics of Java, and object oriented programming, while going in depth into the data structures that are prevalent in every computer language. In addition, students will see the real-world applications of computer science and gain an understanding of proper programming practices, giving them the best preparation possible for both the class and the exam.

9am to 4pm with lunch snack break 12pm to 1pm.

Students need to bring a snack for lunch

Hand sanitizer and water are provided free of charge.


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