Gifted Talented

Gifted Talented Preparation

Gifted and Talented Screening Katy TXBrainy Learning Club offers 1:1 personalized Gifted Talented (GT) screening preparation.  Students may be referred for GT screening during designated windows each school year.  Parents and teachers may refer students for GT screening.

Before your son or daughter takes the GT screening, it is best that he/she understands the types of questions that will be asked. Taking the GT screening without preparation puts your son or daughter at a great disadvantage. Performing poorly on the GT screening could have undesired short as well as long term effect. Not only will proper preparation help your son/daughter achieve a high score and qualify for the GT program, a positive outcome will boost his/her self-confidence. 

Gifted Talented Screening Preparation

Our GT screening preparation is customized to each student and the assessment tests the school uses. The GT screening preparation approach will familiarize your son or daughter with the different types of questions he/she will encounter. We provide tutor-guided practice of the different types of problems from the following assessment tests:

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