Math Tutoring

Tutor helping a young student with his studiesMath develops the brain in different ways. For students, strong math skills at a young age are crucial to overall understanding and success. Because math is a discipline that builds upon itself, early math concepts must be mastered to lay a strong foundation for more challenging math concepts learned in high school and college.

Our experienced tutors will guide your child to a mastery of math concepts through dedicated practice and skills building. This approach eases anxiety, increases self-confidence, instills a love for learning, and develops problem-solving skills to ensure their success later in life.

Brainy Learning Club provides customized math tutoring to support and strengthen your student’s math skills. We offer a complimentary diagnostic evaluation to identify the concepts where improvement is needed. This is followed by tutor-guided practice and skills building to learn techniques to strengthen the understanding of necessary math concepts. Introduction of new concepts is done through progressively challenging problems and guided support from our experienced tutors.

Math Olympiads, MATHCOUNTS®, and AMC Prep

For students who wish to participate in MATHCOUNTS®, Math Olympiads, and/or American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), Brainy Learning Club offers advanced tutoring and prep.

Brainy Learning Club’s 3-step approach to help students prepare for MATHCOUNTS®, Math Olympiads and AMC is:

  • Familiarize the student with the structure of the competition questions through advanced practice tests
  • Tutor-guided review of the practice tests to identify areas of challenge and how to prepare
  • Tutor-supervised practice to strengthen concept knowledge and understanding
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