Cursive Becoming Obsolete?

An article by Carrie Gajowski, MA on the importance of cursive handwriting. Cursive is becoming obsolete. How can that be?  I remember 1st grade at Glebe Street Elementary School in Johnstown, New York, where we practiced penmanship every day.  I tried to be so perfect writing out my letters.  The next step was learning cursive in Read More >

Why should children learn chess?

To answer that question, suffice to say that at the 40th World Chess Congress in 1969, Dr. Hans Klaus, Dean of the School of Philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin, commented upon the chess studies completed in Germany: “Chess helps any human being to elaborate exact methods of thinking. It would be particularly useful to Read More >

Face-to-Face versus Online Tutoring Support

student filling out paper

In the study of Face-to-Face versus Online Tutoring Support in Distance Education by Price, Linda; Richardson, John T. E. and Jelfs, Anne, it is reported that students receiving online tuition reported poorer experiences than those receiving face-to-face tuition. Source: ERIC: The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is an online digital library of education research and Read More >



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