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There is no secret to mastering any concept, and one size does not fit all. Brainy Learning Club’s personalized approach to online ACT exam preparation tutoring and mentoring guarantees mastery of each test concept. With our focused strategic preparation approach, and specialized practice, your student will see great improvement and achieve the necessary high scores colleges and universities require for admittance and scholarships. Our online ACT exam preparation mentoring is personalized to each student to ensure rapid improvement. The ACT and SAT exams are the two critical tests admissions offices consider when reviewing candidates for acceptance. A high score in either one greatly improves the chances of acceptance to top tier universities. Furthermore, the ACT and SAT test scores are the basis for many scholarships. These tests, and how well the student scores on either of them, can determine their future. It’s that important.

We believe that every student should be able to answer every standardized test question correctly. However, test takers do make mistakes. Through extensive research and analysis, Brainy Learning Club has developed concise, specialized review materials to help students avoid making mistakes by alerting them to why they might answer a question incorrectly, thus building confidence and improving test scores.

We employ an ACT test preparation tutoring focused approach based on detailed analysis of a diagnostic evaluation to identify areas of lacking proficiency. Our ACT exam preparation approach alerts students to nuances within questions as well as common mistakes students make during test taking. Because of their understanding of these pitfalls, students are more able to correctly answer each question and earn a higher score.

Brainy Learning Club’s 3-step ACT test prep approach is:

  • A full-length diagnostic evaluation with detailed performance analysis to identify areas of lacking proficiency.
  • Tutor guided review of the diagnostic evaluation with personalized test preparation timeline and focused strategy.
  • Personalized tutor guided practice to improve proficiency and strengthen the understanding of test concepts with additional diagnostic test drills.

Our targeted ACT test prep approach and actual results are our best endorsement. For example, one of Brainy Learning Club’s students achieved a score improvement from the low twenties to 33 out of 36 which is the 98th percentile on the 10/2/2018 ACT. Another who was in ESL achieved a 350 point improvement and the 97th percentile (1,410/1,600) on the 5/5/2018 SAT.

The Brainy Learning Club approach guarantees mastery of each test concept in the most time efficient way. With our specialized review materials, strategic methods of application, and personalized focused practice with progressive levels of difficulty, your student will achieve the necessary high scores colleges and universities require for admittance. It is worth noting that our approach proved its efficacy and already helped our students score 34/36 which is 98th percentile. Call us today for details on our ACT test prep programs.

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