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Gifted and Talented Screening Katy TXBrainy Learning Club offers 1:1 personalized preparation for the Gifted Talented screening assessments.  

Before your son or daughter takes the Gifted Talented screening assessment, it is best that he/she understands the types of questions that will be asked. Taking the GT screening assessment without preparation puts your son or daughter at a great disadvantage. Not qualifying after taking the Gifted Talented screening assessment could have undesired short as well as long term effects. The message a child might take is that he/she is not smart! Do you really want your son or daughter to take the Gifted Talented screening assessment without preparation? Not only will proper preparation help your son/daughter achieve a high score and qualify for the Gifted Talented program, a positive outcome will boost his/her self-confidence. 

Our Gifted Talented screening preparation is customized to each student and the assessment tests the school uses. The GT screening preparation approach familiarizes your son or daughter with the different types of questions he/she will encounter. 

The Gifted Talented screening assessment preparation sessions are private 1:1 ensuring undivided attention and full engagement. The tutor discusses each question with the student to ensure accurate understanding of the question concept. The tutor verifies the child’s understanding and corrects him/her on the spot as needed. The verification also boosts the student’s self confidence and cements the concept practiced. The Gifted Talented practice material is a compilation from all assessment tests to offer the student a large pool of different question types that are age and grade specific. The tutor-guided practice of the different types of problems are from the following assessment tests: