Summer Camps

Summer Head Start Camps to achieve YOUR BEST!


Camps start every Monday for two weeks.

  • Small groups of only 2 to 3 students per tutor
  • Two groups daily, 9:30am to 12:30pm OR 1:30 to 4:30pm.
  • We can also offer personalized camps, any subject or learning activity.

Bring a friend and get $50 off each

SAT/ACT Prep, Algebra-I, Algebra-II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus summer camps designed with the High School student in mind. In just 30 hours and 10 days, campers will cover all topics in the camp they sign-up for, or prepare to take the SAT/ACT, or both. Our camps are comprised of small groups of only 2 to 3 students per tutor for the same subject to ensure personalized attention and that you, the student, receive an A in the class during the school year. You will also have the opportunity to practice taking previous years tests and quizzes or SAT/ACT practice drills so that you are 100% ready come next fall.

The 2017 AP Computer Science exam’s discouraging 67% nationwide passing rate was worrying to many parents. The AP Computer Science course is often a student’s first AP course, and parents feared that their children would struggle in it, especially since students in the past have reported facing extremely difficult tests and quizzes. This AP Computer Science summer camp will prepare students to easily make A’s on the quizzes and tests, and to finish the large amount of coursework at a rapid pace. Brainy Learning Club’s AP Computer Science summer camp is taught by high achieving high school seniors who have excelled in this course and are headed to top universities around the country. It will help students avoid any difficulties learning the course during the school year. This program is a condensed, yet easy to learn version of AP Computer Science 1, designed to prepare students for their very first AP course and to excel in it. We will also ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves as they try something new and learn about a field that is expanding rapidly.

In just ten days, students will learn about the origins of computers and computer science, the basics of Java, and object-oriented programming, while going in depth into the data structures that are prevalent in every computer language. In addition, students will see the real-world applications of computer science and gain an understanding of proper programming practices, giving them the best preparation possible for the class, the exam, and the real world.


Brainy Learning Club’s experienced tutors/mentors can work with your student to improve his/her reading comprehension, writing style, math proficiency and/or help him/her learn a topic of special interest such as JAVA, PYTHON coding, or any other.

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